Light wont bake properly onto my curtains?

Nothing else is in the scene, and I’ve disabled shadows from being casted from the object that’s emitting light, and yet, it doesn’t bake onto my curtains properly. The very top of them has shadow baked onto them, which shouldn’t be the case, as it’s the part where the light is brightest in the viewport.

Also, for some reason, the very top right corner of the curtain is brightest in the baked texture. I’m using alot of modifiers. Could this just be a glitch?

My guess would be a modifier that bends the mesh and hide / generate faces that are hidden from the light source.

That only the top is bright might have the cause in the area light is too small, i guess you have to made it wider.

you were right abt the modifiers. guess i should have tested that before asking, but i didnt expect them to be an obstruction.