Light Won't Shine Through Opening?

Hi All,

I thought this was possible, but now that I try it using Blender 2.4.9 it looks like light will not shine through an open part of a mesh?

I want the light to shine through the window and light up the room a bit.

All I get is a dark room.

Can someone look at my BLEND file and tell me what I am doing wrong?


light_through_opening.blend (224 KB)

It seems that the spot light’s cone is just too small and since the renderer can’t create any bounces of light it looks like the light doesn’t come through at all. You can check the cone most easily by assigning the spot light to act as a camera (select the light and ctrl+Numpad 0) and then adjusting the cone size.

It is, the camera is just not looking at the spot thats being lit up, try aiming it at the back and bottom of the room. You could also turn on AO.

well to see it - the cone of light

just turn on the volumetric light and you’l see light !


Thanks for looking at my scene!

when you shine a light inside the room this is called indirect lighting
and i don’t thingk this exist in blender renderer!

now with spot you should show some direct light on the floor and it does not ?

so turn you camera toward the floor and you’ll see some light but not on the wall as indirect light

you could set up several spot to light each wall !

but thre is a way to do indirect lighting in yafaray !

so you need to add a small lamp inside to see walls ect…

Happy blendering