Hi! This is my final rendered image of the realistic whale I’m working on. Add one diver to balance the image and improved my underwater lighting. The UV part is terrible. There’s visible seam in the whale model and I can’t get it off. But, nevertheless I’m quite happy with how it turned out except for the UV.

Thanks for checking this out! Let me know what you think :smiley:


I like it, nice job.

Two things though, the light coming in is very disturbing, to me at least, seems way too harsh and why all the big bubbles, where are they coming from?

I set the light harsh so the caustic pattern can be seen on the back of the whale. You’re right, the light is a bit too harsh for underwater. As for the bubbles, it’s supposed to come from the diver and the whale. I think I set it small enough. Is it too big? Thanks for the feedback though :smiley:

Good job Jasskick!

What’s strange for the bubble is that they are everywhere. If they come from the diver, then we should see them only on the diver.

Also isn’t it a bit long for a realistic whale? Ok, I’m not a whale expert, but if I look at the tail of the whale, it gives me something of a snake feeling.

Like the others said. The bubbles should be a lot smaller and the tail of the whale should have an semi ending.

I did some smoothing and smaller bubbles to show what I mean.


Thanks for the feedback!

As for the snake-looking whale, that’s probabbly due to my bad camera position :sweat_smile:, actually if the camera positioned a little back further, you can see the tail but due to bad camera position it cause the whale to look like snake. I just realized it now. Thanks again remtou!

Thanks for the feed back BigBlend!

I’ll set it smaller. The reason I set it a little(probabbly too) big is to create a sense of depth.

But, seeing your edited image, make me think once again. As I see from your image, that’s better because there are no more distracting bubbles around, but at the same time there’s no sense of depth right? I think that might be a little bit too weird for an ocean. Or maybe I should mess around with map value ?

I think the scale of the human facing the big whale in the middle of a vast blue background is enough to give a sense of depth in the picture. It gives me this feeling at least :slight_smile:

I like the edit of BigBlend with less bubbles. To improve I’d also slightly brighten the diver so he/she’s more visible.

I see. Will take that into account ! :smiley: Thanks again for the feedback!

the whale looks nice the water too , some of the airbobles on the top are geeting really really dark , i am not sure is this how it should look like or not,
the whale top part looks more like grongy ground, maybe it,s the texture
but it,s great , i like the sunlight can i ask how you did it

Thanks for checking this out !

For the sunlight I use bright lamp with a little bit transparent plane as the ocean.
Also strengthen it with sunbeam node in compositing.

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so did you use a volimtric lighting to creat the sun beem ?

yeah, I used volumetric lightning too to create the sunbeam effect

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great work man

Thanks man!

Thanks for checking this out!