Hello guys i’m practicing light, i need some help please, i want to block the light of my product withtouth affecting the the 2nd product

here the reference i’m using to work on

Hey @Lem_men!

Without getting too deep into shadow catchers and light balance, I would suggest that if you don’t want the second product to be affected you should render out the first object as is with the light, then do a second render without the light. It sounds weird, I know, but if you can stitch it together with photoshop it might just work.

Let me know if that helps!


thank you so much i really appreciate your answer i will try that !

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do you know how to do it with shadow catchers ?

You could use two scenes… here i used a simple box node to mask for left and right… you might need a somewhat more special mask…

TwoCulindersLeftNotReflectingRight.blend (124.4 KB)

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thank you so much sir ! this will help me a lot !