I started making a car, and I want to do this one really good, so my question is: how do you make good carlights? Because of the glass it’s rather difficult to see how they are actualy contructed… Or maybe there is a tutorial about this? Thanks.

What car are you making?

The usual answer I think from these blender heads out there would be:

"Look at more reference pictures :smiley: "

Anyways, that’s probably one solution.


I usually take my digital camera, go to the showroom, carrefully look at car lights and then take a lot of pictures.

It’s easy to model the lights once you know how they are built.

im modelling a ferrari…but the problem with those lights is, that it’s so difficult to see how they’re built…anyways thanks for the tips. Ill dig up some reference pics

There’s a nice car lamp technique described at:

that’s what i was looking for, thanks :smiley: