Hi everyone ,

This is my new personnal work , using blender + cycle + filmic + denoiser !

( inspired from an architectural photographer find on behance but i can’t remember his name)

Enjoy ,

Nice work. I love the lighting! Only thing that deosn’t look quiteright to me are the lamps in the hallway. It’s almost like they’re in the air.

I love it, really, you know^^.
But on my screen I don’t see the chromatic aberation we talk about.
I don’t even want to say more about tiny details, it’s one of my favorite.

One more shot , a tribute to my favorite lounge chair designed by patricia urquiola

I find the first scene better. The chair looks out of place. But great modeling and job on both the images :slight_smile:

Absolutely stunning. You don’t all-wise find so much talent but here is an exception. This is such a great render I have to ask you how you light the scene. I want to get better at interior renders and it would be a great help if you could inform me what light source you used, how many you used, and where you placed all of them if you used more than one. Thank you if you can help, but great work either way.

I want to know too.

Thanks guy’s !
The light setup is really simple it’s just one hdri (free from hdri-skies ) , there is no secret the render settting is simple too no clamp , 6 bounce ( diffuse glossy ) , reflective caustic on , pbr material and for sure filmic on .
The only things make this scene possible to render is denoiser from daily build and … work , always work ^^.

Chromatic aberration is something that you will NEVER see in professional interior photographs. Any photographer would edit it out if it was ever visible, but it is not necessary as lens corrections are performed by cameras these days.

It’s a nice render, but the veneer material could have used some more work. The bump on it seems a bit unrealistic also the scale of the texture is bigger than one might expect to see on this kind of material.

Sorry I misspoke, I was thinking about chromatic dispertion not aberation.
We saw something close to it on the floor but it was on a phone.

He talk about this thing

hi have volontary increase the saturation

This is something that would not be physically possible on the floor to the best of my understanding. Light needs to travel through a prism to disperse like that. There is no physical phenomenon that would result in such an effect.

Just wondering If anyone knows the answer, is the denier compatible with OS X

Yes sure ,you can find it here https://builder.blender.org/download/