Lightabers Collection

Hi, this is my first finished work in Blender (not accurate for my taste) and while I was creating it couple of question poped up.
First of all, what is the best method to cut holes in cylinder like those underneath wires? I just have made some loop cuts and remove faces but this seems not to be right.
And second one, is there way to make blade in cycles (volume scatter, absorbtion)? Mine is done in compositing.

Darth Vader.


Another one, this time Darth Maul.

Very nice!

Did you use substance painter for that?

I would not usually make holes in mesh, but apply a transparent shader to faces I want to dissapear)

Also, I do not think there is a way for a blade to shine like that without any sort of post-processing. Some engines (like Unreal Engine 4) could add such a post-processing in real time.

I’ve tried extrude holes, but results was the same. I want to make Darth Maul saber and there are numbers of holes. I really need to find a good way to make them :wink:

I didn’t use substance. AwesomeBump, it’s free and open source (and Uber PBR materials from CynicatPro). Only thing is that I need to make bigger textures (above 2000-3000px) on Linux, because on Windows 10 it is crashing my video drivers…

Volume scatter gives pretty similar results but I can’t figure out how to make it transparent on edges (gradient/fall off).

I’ve changed this thread to Lighsaber’s Collection, because I really like doing them and it’s a great practice so those two aren’t be last one.