Lightball with halo particle

Hello, i am looking for a way to make efficiently a ball of light (white for instance) with a halo (here in the example) around it (so we see white in the center and red in the border)
i made two spheres like this :

Is there a better way to make them? i need it to be light on the machine since it will probably look like this (in 3D :D) :

ALL HAIL THE TOON SHADER (i tried using a toonshader with a colored outline,it works realy great, i hope it’s not to hard on the computer though)


Re-reading your post I’m thinking why not just use flat images? If you have them set to always face the camera they won’t look much different - since they are emitting light and don’t receive any shadows.

First : thanks a lot for your help, i’m looking all of this up (hoping i will be able to export it to unity :/)

mhh for the flat image i thought of it, it’s for a 3D shootthem up, for now i am using a lit material inside a transparent material (that’s how i was able to have it work in unity, but the border isn’t verry clear)

by the way, the nextchallenge is to make that :
The buble bullets (transparent in the midle but with colored edges)