I was wondering how I could achieve a glowing lightbulb in blender, Ive tryed putting a light in transparent bulb but as I expected it didnt look like the way I wanted it. Its for an animation so faking it in Photoshop is not an option.

Thanks in advance.

You can fool around with the Halo options in the material, try doing a search on that.

There are lots of lightbulb tutorials out there, for many packages.

I’d suggest that you get a digital camera and shoot some real-life lamps. How often do you actually see the bulb, anyway? Go get some practical examples of the effect that you want, and after you’ve finished shooting, put the camera down and look at the light.

Usually you see more than one lighting-effect: the diffused glow of the filament, for instance, and the shape of the bulb. One way to handle such things is through compositing. But, “it’s just a light bulb.” So, if you determine that you actually need to portray “the bulb itself,” you want to find the biggest cheat that you can. Especially in an animation, and unless the light-bulb is the lead character, “do only enough to persuade the viewer that ‘yep, this is a light-bulb.’ Nothing more.”

There you go. I just built a surface mounted light this morning using what I learned from this tutorial.