Lightbulbs are harder than they sound...

I am still fairly new to Belnder, and I’m working on a project. I’m not sure where I’m going to go with it, but I already have a chess set on a board, which is on a table with two chairs. I also have the begginings of a lamp.
This is where I am having my problem. I can’t seem to get my lightbulb to work properly. I can make it glow, and I’ve discovered that having a lamp inside the bulb won’t light up the objects around it. I put a lamp near the bulb, but now I have a gaint shadow, which is unrealistic. I tried placing multiple lamps, but then I get shadows as if I had multiple light sources (probably because there are). Anyway, here’s a shot. I also have a phantom light problem that I’m confused about too.
More on the phantom light source: A while back, when I was still working on the materials of the chairs and table, I had a light in about the location of where the phantom light would be. I don’t remember if I deleted it, or if I moved it into the lightbulb, but Blender seems to think i’ts still there. It is not in my 3D view, and it’s not on another layer. How might I get rid of it?

discovered that having a lamp inside the bulb won’t light up the objects around it

You can set lamps to only only illuminate objects on the same layer. Put the bulb on a different layer than the lamp and press the “Layer” button in the lamp settings and you will get what you want. You can then add a halo for glow.


Well, that seems simple enough. Thanks! (you think I’d have seen that button…)

Now what about my phantom light source?

Open the outliner window (View->show outliner if the oops schematic is shown) You should be able to see all your lamps there and delete it.


I’ll check that out next time my good computer is up.
Thank you so much, I was really in a jam. This project also happens to be my art final, so I can’t aford to waste time…

Dotn forget to turn on ray tracing too

Raytracing was on… Anyway, I now have my bulb, a lampshade, and the room is lit properly. Thanks!