LightBulbs made with SLG

My first post here,
A finished work of LightBulbs (modeled with help of a CGCookie’s tutorial),
Rendered with SmallLuxG (path method, 928 passes)

Comments are wellcome

excuse my french accent =)

MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo 2,4 GHz, OS X 10.6.7, Blender 2.57

Nice. I like the extreme widescreen and the crashed lightbulb made me laugh :-p

Wow, nice render! Looks real!

thanks you two
@elek SmallLux is very very efficient, and fast. Rendered in 30 min approximately.

Great render. I love the choice of background colour. It works well.

Very nice execution of the tutorial!

@JonathanW. thanks, “teacher” ! :wink:

whoa! that’s a strong french accent; I can’t even hear what you’re saying :wink:

just kidding… looks good, i like your colours, but is the metal a tad too shiny…?

yes Casio23, you’re right, toooooo shiny.
Here’s another try, more realistic I think …