Hi all!

This is a quick scene I made today, rendered with cycles!
It took about 30 mins to model (It was that long because I modelled all the detail on the inside bit of the bulb :P)
And it took about 1 hour to render (Resolution turned up to 100%, and samples turned up to 1000)

Hope ya’all enjoy it :wink: And, I must admit, the glass isn’t the best :frowning:


Nice job! You could get better control over the look of the glass by using a refraction BSDF mixed with a glossy BSDF with a fresnel input as the factor and a color ramp to control that. I think that the screw part at the bottom could also have a better material.

I think the glass material could be better, and the metal could be more detailed, but it’s very good! :smiley:

Nice work, but the material at the base of your bulb isn’t really realistic, and it waste the whole scene. Try to fix that.

I am going to tweak all the materials tomorrow :slight_smile: Any advice for the screw material?

Very realistic and well done :smiley:

Glass reflectiveness is decent :smiley: