Lightcuts GI+AO = very nice lighting setup for scenes (examples)

Example 1 (arealight + AO + Lightcuts GI)

Example 2 (same thing)

Now do note, these were previously completed scenes re-rendered using Lightcuts GI and AO, with AO to fill it black spots and the GI to fill in the rest, it comes down to some very potent lighting solutions thanks to UncleZiev’s work.

Can you post the original renders just for comparison?

edit: and include render times?

Yeah CD don’t be a turd. Render times!

First was about 2 hours and the second was around 50 minutes, so not forever if you like to call it that.

I hate to be a killjoy, but with render times like that, you might as well render with Yafray or Indigo.

Yafray and Indigo would be faster. Though I’d suggest Luxrender. The biggest issue I see with both of CD images is how washed out they look.

what type of machine are you on? that all seems a little long

There isn’t enough data on vertexes, faces… blah blah blah to assume it’s too long of a render. I think it’s pretty cool, and probably will grow into something useful.

Or the internal radiosity solver. But from what I understood is that Lightcuts GI is heavily WIP. We are looking at a naive implementation and hopefully we’ll get a optimized version soon.

Well it would’ve taken a lot longer if I didn’t lower the cut size (I had it at 1500 to make sure there were no artifacts)

Or the internal radiosity solver. But from what I understood is that Lightcuts GI is heavily WIP. We are looking at a naive implementation and hopefully we’ll get a optimized version soon

Howitzer;s build has the very first commit for the Lightcuts GI, so it is very WIP, but you can already get decent results with it for outdoor scenes at least.

Hi Cyborg Dragon and thanks for your tests. A couple of comments:

  • it would be interesting to know the rendering times without AO; Lightcuts isn’t meant to be used with AO, you should replace it with environment lighting + indirect lighting…
  • the cut size shouldn’t be that related to artifacts, the error rate should be more significant; the cut size increases rendering times for completely occluded parts of the scene, which should not be there with a rich lighting setting (es. indirect lighting, etc.)

Anyway, yes, all this proves that the project is still WIP I guess…

Yeah, I’d ditch the AO crap, considering that’s what driving the times up. Over an hour? I’m sorry, that’s ludicrous, the lightcuts build is pretty quick on my comp, and I know yours is far faster than mine.

Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is Lightcuts? I know it’s a build, but what exactly is it supposed to do? Any documentation on the specs?

seconding Jackblack, what is lightcuts(behind) and what is GI (supr behind)

You guys aren’t kidding right?
Well in a nutshell, lightcuts means the following: Imagine you want an expensive lighting rig in your scene, say, 7 area lamps. It would take a long time to render. But the light of those area lights could be approximated too with spot lights and regular lamps. Just thing about the spotlight dupliverted to a dome trick. OK, it could be a pain to manually substitute those expensive lights by ‘cheap lamps’. Well, light cuts does that automatically. And the best thing, no matter how complex and expensive you make your light rig, the rendertime stays about the same. Chances are you won’t notice a speedup if you use only a couple of expensive lamps. It is noticeable for complex (HDRI, IBL, Area Lights etc) setups.

GI: Notice how cheesy and sterile your image looks when you render it? That is because the CG lamps and CG objects are not physically acurate. They shine light on an object and the object bounces light back to the camera. But in reality, objects bounces light to eachother too, brightening eachother a little bit more. That is GI. That makes a CG image look ‘photo realistic’.

Ok, whew! I saw all the test builds and I was soooo puzzled. Hehehe. Other than being in Graphicall and SVN it’s in 2.50 coming next right? Or 2.47?

First of all, it is not in SVN yet (if you mean trunk), and although I hope it makes it into 2.50, it may be a while before it is released.