LightCycle Arcade Game

This is just a Light Cycle arcade game based on the one shown at the beginning of the original TRON. Obviously this will not be as good as martinsh’s Light Cycle game and I’m NOT trying to make it better than his. I simply wanted to see if I could make a decent remake of the arcade with solid gameplay.

The game currently uses all logic bricks accept for one script which is for the blue bikes AI.
Oh ya, and I’ve only been working on it for 2 days :smiley:

Things to do yet:

- Improve bot AI
Currently there are to problems with the AI that I can tell.
One, it will frequently start going in a loop getting smaller and smaller till it traps itself and dies (see video).
Two, if it is going parallel to a wall and does not turn before it reaches a corner it will run into the wall and die.

- Add UI and improve graphics
I want to keep it looking as much like a retro arcade game as possible and so I’ll probably end up using large pixels for the UI with mipmaps off of course.

- Improve Frame Rate
Currently I’m using some techniques that just eat up the frame rate even though the graphics are super basic.

And here’s a video :slight_smile: Red is controlled by me and blue is a bot.

Nice! Blue seemed unbeatable at first - I thought you made the AI to smart. In the end, it seems like a good balance.

Thanks! I’m pretty sure a lot of people aren’t paying attention to this because its not graphically fancy like all those other games out there, but really AI can be a little tricky so I’m glad you like it!

Btw, does anyone out there have any ideas of a good way to add trails? Because I really need to find a better method…

Yes, well nice screens always get the most attention. I know nothing of making trails, sorry. I’m just a modeler/texturer…