Lighten shadows???

When I use real time lighting in Blender the shadows are very dark. Is There a way to do a more lighten shadow usig only one lamp?

Imagine a sunny day. Will be strange if one side of the object/character is completely black because the shadows.

Wha??? Blender’s game engine doesn’t support shadows.

I’m don’t saynig cast projected shadows.
I want to say the shadows in the object. The realtime lighting implemented in Blender 2.34.

use a sun lamp instead of a spot and turn up the energy

but if you want the back side lit, you will need another lamp, or to not use light sensitive faces on everything [use static lighting]

What is static lightning? Is to paint shadows in the texture of the model?

I was thinking vertex colors:

which you would then put textures on top of:

however, it often requires a somewhat dense mesh:

I used lamps, and the “make vertex colors” button for that effect, but radiosity could I guess have been used as well

make vertex colors button copies vertex colors you see in shaded (control+z) mode into the vertex colors of the mesh. My materials dont’ have textures because of this [because the material color will be put in the vertex color.
the button is: [see red arrow]

hopefully soon the game engine will be able to have multiple textures on surfaces with their own uv coordinates so static lighting can be in its own texture [so you don’t need a subdivided mesh]. Also, hopefully soon there will be a good way to bake radiosity to textures.

what would be great is a builtin python method that allow to modify quicly the UV


do you mean a script to copy uv coordinates between different meshes? [like from an object in a radio calc, to the result [so the lighting can be baked]]…? While in theory possible, I haven’t come up with a good way

or do you mean a way to have textures automatically mapped onto your landscape or building or something? This is already possible somewhat, I used lizard’s [908?] script to do it in those examples

no I mean something like



where face is the number of the face and offsets is an array of new coordinates or offsets regarding previous coordinates.

I mean, I have made a little game where you have a robot and when he comes close to a switch on the wall, the door is unlocked
and there is a light on the door that turns from red to green or somethin’

I haven’t thought about using the col IPO, I used a Python script that someone posted in this forum(a fall and a river with water texture scrolling)
So the script updates the uv coordinates for the vertices of the switch
the UV are changed from a red spot in the image texture to a green spot.
I modified the script a little but it you have to retreive the mesh data, modify it, and update wich is slow if you have a lot of vertice to treat

so a builtin © function to animate uvs would be great. I think.