Lightening-Game engine: how to "see" light


Is it possible in Blender 2.41, Game engine to “see the lights”?
:confused: I mean my Virtual environment is NOT dark or black. it is properly bright. But I want to do like a “spot” (like in Batman the old movie, when the police officer calls batman with a spot light on the roof! )

I mean I would like to produce a similar lightening than a spot.

I want to have an item lets say a belt, over a glass support.
That is done.

But Ideally I want under those two elements a Small spot light, directed to “up” (lightening both objects in direction towards the roof)

And I want to be able to “see” this light, or at least to see that there is a special lamp here…

Many thanks!:stuck_out_tongue:
ps Im going throught many old posts and forum if I find a solution before I will post it here.

i dont think so because that would use shadows and i dont think the gameengine has them yet. If it does please correct me.