lightening problem

I’ve got a problem with the lightening of a scene.

The scene is based on a realistic one, where there are 2 kinds of lightsources: 4 ‘window’s’ in the roof and 7 neon-tubes (I don’t know the exact english translation).
Espacialy those neon-tubes are a bit of a problem: I can’t figure out how to imitate them…

Hints and tips are more than welcome, for who realy has a lot of time: the blender-file is downloadeble here: (1,31MB) - for a more clear vieuw on the problem…


If you could do a render, then post it on an image host ( ) so more people can have a look at it and maybe give you some advice.

I haven’t taken a look at the blend, but from what you describe you could use radiosity and combine that with a final render, or have a a look at this by f00f (blackmage)

ok, the rendered image is viewable at

radiosity? I don’t know how to handle that :s, but you said something about a ‘final render’ -> does this also work in a animation + what is it? :slight_smile:

radiosity is a button in the render settings panel. it’s next to big fat RENDER button.

Try turning on Ambient Occlusion in the World settings and increase the samples for the best result. Make sure ray tracing is turned on in the render buttons too.

As for ‘Final render’, it’s simply the very last render you make when you finsish building the scene.

Do a search for Radiosity as it can improve the lighting a lot.