Lighter WIP

Due to lack of inspiration I modeled my lighter… :slight_smile:

What du you think?
I’m going for photorealism, any suggestions in that regard?

The only thing that realy strikes me as off is the part where you push down on (sorry I don’t know the real name). It just out of place. First it’s too lightly colored and second I think it would look better if it wasn’t perfectly flat. Maybe some nice little ridges would do the trick. But then again this is a WIP and very nicely done :smiley:


uhhhmm… if youw want more photorealism make that plastic a BIT more specular and hard…
also put soem reflection on the spinny thingy and just a tiny little smudge of mir on the plastic.

Hey! I modelled a lighter for someone just last month:

Anyway, yours is much more accurate. My main comment is that the liquid compartment looks more like glass than plastic, because it looks so perfectly reflective. Also, I think a slightly bigger shadow would be good.

Looks cool! The modelling looks perfect, although you may want to add some imperfections in the casing or something. (Small dents/scratches.)


Edit: My 100th post! :smiley:

Hmm, I think that button is too close to the “hub” part or w/e that’s called. And also I don’t think the button is totally smooth on top, or is it?

i once did a lighter also. if ur going for realizm, ur going to have to have more than just lighter… make an environment.

Yea it’s very hard to make something photorelistic, if you don’t have a enviroment. But great job so far.


Thanks for all comments! :smiley:

-Logo and ridge on button
-Made button shorter
-More reflection on “spinner”
-Less reflection on body (Maybe still to much?)

This render turned out a little dark, so I will make another one. (Takes a long time to render, I’m using Yafray with full lighting and HDRI)

If I’m happy with that, I’ll start making a scene for it.

Lay it down realistically on a plane with a wood texture and it’ll look great!