Yep, it’s a lighter.
Definitely not the best work ever posted,
But I’m pretty happy with it.
I plan to use it for learning to make fire.
But the lighter itself is done
I know it would look better with a decent background, but I like using Alpha backgrounds so it’s easier to combine with other pics.


Looks good!
It seems to me however you could improve the sharpness of some edges by adding edge loops or what not, especialy speaking of the top of the silver part of the lighter.
nice work.

if your goal is the fire? I think Lighter is good to start with.

Thanks for the comments.
Floorplay, I tried adding loops, removing loops, edge split, crease, set solid, set smooth, and anything else I could think of but never got rid of that dent (short of a full subsurf).

However, your advice made me want to try again.
And it worked!
Thank you.