LightFlow animation

(S68) #1

Hi folks,

after a week of painful rendering (1 power failures, 2 OS crashes) I managed to came out with this 300 frame animation completely modeled in blender and then automatically exported to LightFlow, which rendered each frame (frames then joined in an AVI with Blender’s sequence editor)

Eeshlo script is really getting mature!!!

(888Kb, DivX 5.0)

Have fun,


(BgDM) #2

Very Nice :o

Love the caustics in this one. Man, I don’t know if I could put up with a render for a week. That would drive me insane.

I have yet to try Lightflow. I am getting into Virtualight. I am sure they are similar, as far as the final product goes anyway :wink:


(Skates) #3

Nice man, but how high did you set the trace-depth? It looks like it might not have been high enough because you see black parts in the glass. I’ve had this happen before, it’s not really obvious on yours, but sometimes you can really tell when you see that the raytracer just stopped going part way through and didn’t show anything on certain faces. I’m not sure if this happened on yours or not. I need to find out how to do animation! Next time the script comes out I guess I’ll get around to it. Nice looking stuff though man! sweet!

(jorx) #4

I love the caustics.

Tip though:
The caustics could be stronger. Maybe it’s overdoing it, but My personal opinion, is that I love reflectsions, castics, etc. I would probably overdo it with sparkling lights everywhere!

(S68) #5

Thanx for comments :slight_smile:

For wat concerns black parts I find them realistic. It’s a scene without global light and with a black sky, black spots are simply faces whic reflects the emptiness above :slight_smile:

For stronger caustics… well, I’ll try them in my next animation!

(Hoping it will last less than a week)


(digitalSlav) #6

very nice! even for a simple scene. if everyone likes the caustics so much you could always fake them in blender and save yourselves some time :slight_smile:

(stephen2002) #7

it is usually very easy to tell faked causitics from real ones. The real ones are always more intresting and more random.

Yea, with a simple scene like that (which was built just to make pretty shiny things) you might as well have cranked up the sparkly effects

(sten) #8


very cool done…I could never done it myself as this !!