Lightflow <-> Blender

After I exported the scene from blender with the script, I open the .py file with Python 1.5 and the render start but there arn’t refractions or reflections on a sphere that i’ve created with this parametres
Thanks A lot

The script, by default, do not do refraction/caustics.

You must turn caustics on by editing the script (comments says how).

then material(s) should be transparent to have refraction and shiny to have reflections.

This is done by adding a _GLAS and a _METL (if I can recall well) at the end of the material name. It is in the readme in any case.

turning up radiosity makes great pictures too!!!


open the py file generated by the script,and manually put in the glass parameters,the easiest way to do this,is to go into the examples and copy
the glass material from say…the cornell file .then go back to your file and
delete the properties of the material only up to the = and paste the glass
parameters.make sure the original mat name stays put. from there you can tweak the parameters till you get the desired results,thats how i learned how lightflow works.