LightFlow Dome in the Sky

Quite a few days since my last post…

hers’s a still LightFlow rendering featuring a glass dome in the sky, I was just trying to see if I could come out with some curves nicely following a path over a sphere :slight_smile:

(Warning 1280x1024… I LOVE to let you see details :wink: )

Same stuff in Blender

(Warning 1280x1024 again )

Just for the curious… Blender took 5 minutes or so, LightFlow took around 30 HOURS!!! :o


Both looks good! 30 hours you say? Ehmm… Gosh or something! You can render a whole Terragen animation at like 800 frames on that…

How did you make that mesh?! must have been a LOT of work… I don’t like the textures you gave the Blender version, and I was hoping for a little radiosity… but i guess that would take a LONG time to calculate… Nice work.


very cool dome design! some of the piping architecture doesnt intersect perfectly but that would be hard to get perfect considering the amount of design and detail u made =) a really cool design too! they look great

:o it’s absolutely beautiful!

  1. pofo

Thanx, everyone :slight_smile:

I’d bet on Linux would have been less than 10. LF is so slow on Windows…

The mesh are beveled curves (place your spline, make a profile etc :slight_smile: ), truly difficult part is: make bezier points stay on the sphere, make the curve stay on the sphere, tilt the curve so that the profile don’t twist madly (most difficult)… I didn’t care to texture at all 8) those are more or less the glass materials of LightFlow…

And no, radiosity is impossible here. i never managed to make radiosity work with more than 100kfaces because the resulting mesh is not subdivided, hence radiosity solution is poor, and the resulting mesh is subdivided in chunks, and no all chunks show up in the rendering… still have to figutre out why…

You are right, problem is that bezier editing cancels out bevel so you cannot ineteractively move control points AND see what you are doing… you have to guess…



thanks for the huge image, I like to see detail.

Well, the LightFlow thing took 30 hours because you have a lot of transparent, reflective/refractive surfaces that are INTERSECTING, which means it is all that much harder to calculate.

Did you have radiosity turned on in LF? That would really kick up the render time as well.

Nice modeling, the best Gothic engineer would be proud.

detritus: What resolution and quality are you rendering in Terragen to get 800 frames done in 30 hours (2.25 min/frame)!? The last Terragen animation I did took 30 minutes per frame to render.

must be my crazy mind, but I like the blender-render better. the LF render is so difficult to interpret.

cool dome either way :slight_smile:


I like the blender render to, but that’s for aesthetic reasons…

The LF render is more realistic…

You’re right… you better switch to Linux really soon… :wink:


Yup… Intersection is the real problem (radiosity is active too). And I also had to place trace depth to 8 (usually the default is 4) to allow the correct transparencies where more intersection occurs.

I’ might try to get rid of the intersections, which also makes the model less realistic.


Stefano, very cool, like the colors you chose in the LF one. I can’t believe I didn’t comment on this earlier, either I thought I did or I dreamed I did. :o Maybe old age is creeping in, nah, just absent minded because I’ve been doing so much blendering lately.
Anyway I like it a lot.

Great modeling. I love these renders.

Yesterday I was going to post a qestion about modeling a building or structure in a columnar design. The difficult part being how to get windows and other details on the model. Then I see this. Great!

Excellent work.

Thanx paradox, thanx ec2.

ec2… if you like buildings there are many others on my site ( )


Outstanding. The mesh must be insanely complex. The glass looks incredible, I wish I could get that look.