lightflow error message

(scrappy) #1

i have all of the export from blender python scrips working right, just when i go to import for render it gives me this error, Import Error: DLL Load Failed: One of the library files needed to run this application could not be found. i am running python 2.1 and i don’t know if you must install 1.5 to use lightflow???

(S68) #2

Question is not so clear…

You are saying that you have succesfully exported a scene from Blender but, when you run the Python script so generated you get that error?

1st - Have you run the demo coming with LightFlow? locate the file and run that. Does it work?

Have you placed the dll coming with LF in the correct places? Read the Readme, they should be moved to appropriate places.


If it still doesnt’ then you most probably need python 1.5.#


(mrunion) #3

I needed both python 1.5 and 2.x.