Lightflow export script update (test version)

(eeshlo) #1

I got beat up by S68 over some missing things in the Lightflow export script, so (fearing for my life) I quickly added these.
Since I did it really fast, it might or might not work, so the old one is still available.
The changes being: it now will export deformed meshes and parent transformations should also (hopefully) be handled.
I’d appreciate comments from anyone who can test this.

(Manuel) #2

Your work it’s great…as always!



(Jamesk) #3

Rock’n’roll! Haven’t tested it yet, since I’m stuck @ work. But I’m pretty sure I’ll like that addition. I’m glad you got beat up about it! :wink:

(S68) #4

Hei! I was just expressing an opinion :slight_smile:

Naaa, you’ve seen too many gangster movies, I’m not going around
in a double breasted dark grey with thin light gray vertical lines suit,
borsalino hat and tommy gun.

Tommy gun is awkward and outdated, I prefear beretta. :stuck_out_tongue:

\me will download it immediately :slight_smile:


(S68) #5


Looks like both parent and lattice transformations are kept!

Now I feel like I’ll try to encapsulate your script in some sort of approximate GUI so that you don’t have to edit it… I think I can get that far in python :slight_smile:



(theeth) #6

if you need help for GUI, just contact me by E-mail, I can send you some samples of code, or lend you my high level API build over the GUI stuff in the Blender api.