Lightflow : i need help

(hannibar) #1

I have a few problems in this picture :

  1. Under the glass there is a black circle. How does it come there? There is no circle object or so under the glass.

  2. How comes I don’t get caustics through the glass? I watched other sources, and I don’t see much difference in the glass setup then in mine. The interface is set up correctly too (i think).

So how can I resolve those problems?
The .py file is attached on the page.



(malefico) #2

I’m not quite sure since I’m new to LightFlow myself but… don’t you need to set transmission =1 in the glass definition ?

(maybe no, just guessing)

good luck.


(Switchblade) #3

that looks fantastic… despite the problems :wink:

I want to start using lightflow, but I’m not a programmer. do I have to be? what script did you use to export it?


(eeshlo) #4

Have you made sure the normals are pointing outward? It looks like you are using the WORLD_LIGHT feature, you might want to add a real light if you want the caustics to be more visible. Using a texture will help too. The world light casts the same amount of light from all around the scene. You can set the values larger than 1.0 for the colors btw, in case you find it too dark, this works with textures too.

The script is available here:

(hannibar) #5

I don’t quite remember where i found the script, but you have to do a search after eeshlo’s export script, and this tutorial :

You don’t really need to be a programmer, everything you have to do is well explained in the documentation. But ofcourse it helps when you have some programmer experience.

(hannibar) #6

Thanks eeshlo for the help! I’ll use some of your advice. Hope it works.

(S68) #7


AFAIK your glass material is fine… but I cannot get your Wine material. Why single vectors for ksr and kst?

The only difference between your glass and my glass (which makes caustics) is that I have radiosity on also on glass materials and that I have a single area light…

Will post something soon :slight_smile: