Lightflow mags!

i rendered my mag wheel with lightflow,using a light probe converted to
a spheremap,for a world texture.still have to come up with a decent rubber shader,and scene.but it looks o.k.its missing the back cover for the center hub,because i kept getting errors,so i just took it out.

i did this just to compare my chrome to lightflows.tell me what you think!

rixtr 8)

The reflections look like they are more precise than in Blender. Other than that, they don’t necessarily look that much better than Blender’s envmap. Just my HO.

The rubber actually looks pretty good. Unless you want it to be shinier, like Armor Alled or something.

Nice work rixtr.


Chrome is awesome !

The difference with Blender EnvMaps is that here you actually see the crome reflecting onto itself which is very difficult to do with envmaps!

The mesh may be a bit coarse, there is a strange segmented line in the reflection (inside, upper-left part, just next to one of the ‘arms’) Same on the outher ring, on center right, for what concerns the reflection of the asphalt (but that may be the asphalt itself having a corner… Why not some subsurfacing?

Really cool!