Lightflow... or Blender?

(Andy Goralczyk) #1

hey, i found this image on my hd, it’s a bit older and i can’t figure out whether it’s rendered in Blender or in Lightflow… please help me.

[it’s a bit smaller than the actual image, i sized it down slightly]

ok ok… i know where i rendered it… this is just a small quiz :wink:
so try to find it out.


(S68) #2

Blender, of course!!!


1 - Noone resists making chrome/glass in LightFlow… and there is no there.

2 - Blender can do that, use some radiosity, use a dome of dupliverted spots (shadows could be smoother anyway… but I like it this way :slight_smile: )

3 - You are good enougth to do that with Blender…


(sten) #3


(Jamesk) #4

That was far too easy. If nothing else, the shadow maps give it away as a Blender render.

(kaktuswasse) #5

yep, you should have done some good caustics stuff to test us :wink:

(wiensta) #6

and that white rim around the top of the object (blender renderer artefact)… it should be using the unified renderer.

(Dittohead) #7

blender. the pixelated shadows gives it away.