lightflow path


Does anyone can help me setting the lightflow path on WinXp ??
My python path is ok but impossible to do the same with lightflow

Go to your environment variables in the “Advanced” tab of System Properties, and do the following:

I have Lighflow installed at d:\lf and have 1 GB memory, so I did:

Just set this one to the path where you installed Lightflow.

Set this one to a temp directory – either c:\winnt emp, or some other path. This directory must exist; if it doesn’t, you must create it manually.

I just set this to 1/4 my memory…I don’t do much with surfaces, so this might not be right.

Again, I just set this to 1/4 my memory…

You MUST have Python 1.5 installed if you want to run just Lightflow with its Python interpreter. If you install and configure Eeshlo’s export script, you can use whatever version of Python you want – even for scenes that you hand code.

for future reference, you might try posting questions in the Blender General Forum :slight_smile: