lightflow problem, different this time

(scrappy) #1

ok i got lightflow to render its own example files but when i go to render something exported from blender it doesn’t work. this is what it displays in the command window before giving the error. Error (LfFault): LFMesh::Load() unable to open “Sphere.mesh”. and then a runtime error appears reading Runtime Error! Program C:\PYTHON15\PYTHON.EXE abnormal program termination. i also noticed that the .mesh file extension should be .msh ( correct me if im wrong) is that causing the problem??? please…somebody help, i really want lightflow to work!!!

(schock) #2

You are probably opening the file with the 2.0 python. Lightflow uses 1.5 so you need to make sure it opens the file with 1.5. I Had this problem before. I use XP and I just right clicked went to “open with” and chose the python 1.5. If you use 98 you need to alter the autoexec.bat to make the 1.5 default. eeshlo’s site has a document that tells you how to do that.

(eeshlo) #3

Well, it looks to me as the Sphere.mesh file was not found. You would get that error. Is the Sphere.mesh file in the directory?
And the extension has no meaning, it could be anything, it is more just useful for the user, it contains mesh data. In fact the Lightflow docs suggests it should be .lfm actually, but that is only a suggestion, it has nothing to do with how Lightflow works, Montz decided it should be .mesh. In case you changed ‘Sphere.mesh’ to ‘Sphere.msh’ in the script and not the file or vice versa, then of course you would get that error too…