Lightflow render (finally:)

i finally got some good results with lightflow!yaaaaaaaay
its a simple scene with a wood floor,a glass,and a metal sphere.
the caustics didnt show up though???hey im happy i got this far!

take a look and tell me what you think,some helpful hints from all
you LF,gurus would be cool too!


Nic ework rixtr66 8)

I hope this doesn’t mean you will not be modelling anymore cars for us :wink:


:o HEY , I LOVE THAT GLASS ! I mean the object AND the material.

BTW, for the LF gurus out there… is there any way to export materials with plugin textures ?


wow nice dude! that scene looks really amazing and real too…great job, lightflow seems to be worth using, must try must try

Wow that’s looking great (perhaps the shadow of the glass is to dark). Time to get my hands on lf, too.

nice job man! maybe post a link to the scene file, (.PY) I’d like to check it out. Anyway, for caustics, check the materials, if caustics are set to a high enough level (somewhere between 1 and 4 I think) and also on the scene, check caustics depth, it needs to be, I’d say at least 2 or 3. How’d you get the floor texture, I haven’t done that yet. Anyway, very sweet pic man. Chrome and glass always makes peoples eyes goggle! As for plugin textures, can’t export it, but lightflow has some very powerful pattern tools, they’re possibly the most powerful part once you start making volumetric interiors. Basically the version of the exporter I have only handles geometry and basic lighting and material settings. DEFINETLY read and understand how to use patterns and different materials in lightflow in the documentation and read tutorials. You can pretty much duplicate any procedural texture you have in blender using different patterns in LF.

Wow. That is amazing. The metal sphere was particularly impressive to me. I can never get anything to look like that. This lightflow thing looks pretty nice and like something I should look in to. Keep up the good work.


Great! :o :o

I must start learning texturing in LightFlow, or I’ll never get to this realism!

Cool Sphere, chrome spheres are great, but you can get relly good chrome in Blender alone with envmap (who knows better than you…) It is the glass iwhich is really interesting.

The shadow of the glass is too dark because you either have not enabled caustics or your photon count is too low (or both)


wow! how long did that take to render!?!?