Lightflow room scene

here is a scene i have been working on for a few days,its an
antique end table(dark cherry),with a glass and chrome lamp.
the lamp isnt done yet and needs to be scaled,but the scene
is looking pretty good,lighting is almost there.

im shooting for photoreal,what do you think?
modelled with blender,rendered with lightflow,about 20 min.render time
on a pentium3,1000 mhz,384 mb sd ddr ram,windows me(uughh)
all comments are welcome,and thanx eeshlo for an awesome script!!

rixtr if you get a 404 go to my home page,and look in the LF renders page,its the top left pic

Awesome! Just needs the lampshade and that sort of thing… a few other objects like a pen or something on the table would be a nice touch, but it looks great already :slight_smile:

beautiful man! killer scene! the modelling on the table is a great job done, and the textures are fantastic… missing some small details to make it complate perhaps? outlets, wires, ripped wallpaper, cockroach, cat? hehe

its looking pretty photoreal too

The only thing that bothers me is the legs of the table. It might just be comparing it with my own coffee table, but they look far too smooth and perfect. They need some kind of inperfections, little dents or something. Maybe just a slightly rougher texture. Perhaps they’re just too shiny. I don’t know much about these things though, so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Other than that, the wallpaper is way too blurry to be realistic, but that was probably on purpose :slight_smile: Besides, who am I to complain, I couldn’t make something like that if my life depended on it.

Nice image. Some comments…

It looks like there’s a spotlight right above the table, or right in front. I’d tone the lighting way down to give the image more of a mood. I’d probably also make the top of the table a little thicker so that the top doesn’t end in a pointed edge (but that’s just a matter of style). Maybe try a different camera angle - about at eye level. This would seem to lend a greater sense of realism, since it’s a more natural way of viewing a scene.

thanx,im still trying to get yhe lighting and camera angle right,
lightflows lighting is different than blender,but ill figure it out.
you are right it needs details,the outlets and lampshade are
in the works,im still working on the disp mapping for lf.

thanx for the comments :slight_smile:


How do you master to use LightFlow? I hate LightFlow because it’s what crashed my old computer before, remember? :stuck_out_tongue: Great image though!


me is rendering a Baccarat flute over an antique inlaid table…

I’m, currently spawning Photons…

Will post soon.

In previews I got a very strange behaviour I would like to discuss.

The walls of my room are plain 4 vertexes planes with a bevel to get smooth joints between walls. There is a very odd dark diagonal line appearing, as if it were a bumpmap or a displacement map, which is not actually there…

have you had any artifacts of this kind?


Looks lovely-- like something out of a 2 bit antique store. (No offense)

Really cool though in terms of realism… like a photograph.