Lighthouse at the End of the World

Hey, time for a new project. This one I had in mind for a while, being thinking about lighthouses. I tried several ideas until sticking with this concept I painted:

This is how I think a Lighthouse at the End of the World should look like :yes:.

So I started modelling the thing and got this so far:

I used a lot of displacement as you can imagine. Since this is going to be animated, I used some textures for the cascade for modeling purposes :o (all you can see in the water is only displacement, not bump nor colour), I could have animated a displace modifier using Matt’s scriptlink trick, but I needed more control over the texture (offset in Z) so I decided using material settings instead.

A UV texture you can see here (the BW ugly thing) controls the kind of displacement I use for each part (the waterfall and the ocean). You can see I already started with some texturing…

Here is a little wireframe of how the scene looks (not too brilliant honestly, look at those poles !!!):

So anyway, there is a lot still to do. I’ll try to keep you guys updated :wink:

That is looking great!! Nice painting by the way!!

Man, the waterfall looks awesome, as does the rocky part. Great work so far.

Poles are a real project killer sometimes. Hope they don’t cut yours it’s a really nice concept.

Love the idea and the painting,

But since we all no there is no drop off, the earth isn’t flat, the first thing I thought of when I saw the title and painting was that it was going to be some ancient times look. stoney, not red stripes.

Just thought that that might add some more felling/fear into the picture.


Let’s gonna see how it goes… the concept and modeling looks great. I would make the composition a little less symmetrical, maybe the moon and the lighthouse more distanced. It’s just my point of view. Anyways, great as always Malefico!

It seems that the turbulence in the water would require lots of poles.
See if you can control their flow rather than eliminate them altogether.

The big pole in the water, just this side of the rock needs to go.
But I wonder if the pole just above it could be connected over the hump
to create a pressure point of water crashing into the rock.

Just a thought anyway.

Working on the waterfall. I chose to use separate meshes for the foam and the water, this let me use more textures and give me more control in the composite stage.

Here it is how it looks now with a basic lighting and composite setup :

These are the separate renderlayers for foam and water.

I still have to add a few more layers…

Magnificent looking! Love to get my hands on the finished blend.:eyebrowlift:

I think the water needs some more reflections.

The lighting scheme is very evocative, suits the overall mood very well.

I think some particle effects for spray and mist around the falls, particularly where the water meets the island rocks, would be very effective.

this looks SO cool :slight_smile: if you would have had that ready for BWC and I where in the jury, I would have voted for you gg well, maybe babylon.

But I would SOOO like to have a desktop version of that once it is finished :slight_smile: 16:10 or 16:9 (10 preferred) would be so cool!

Due to my lack of skill, I have nothing to crit on the technical level here! Nicely done!

However, I do agree with musk about the specularity :wink:

Hey thanks guys.

Still lots to do here, thanks for your suggestions they are pretty much in tune with what I have in mind :yes:, the biggest problem with night scenes is how to show everything without adding a lot of light… but wait, I’m still working on texturing stuff :eyebrowlift:

Time for an update !

(Click on image for bigger)

I’ve been working on textures so now all elements have their proper spec/col/ref/displace/alpha/your_map_here/emit image maps :slight_smile:

I also finished the matte painting for the sky, hope you like it, I found myself a lot of fun while painting… I love that stuff.

Lighting is pretty much done except for the compo part. Lighting is pretty simple, the only thing that gave me some headache was to get the specular highlights placed where I wanted… it’s hard for me to guess where those highlights will show up…

Three different fluid simulations were run and rendered as to get a few layers of animated splashes I could compo later on. Still on the tweaking part of it, so no finished stuff here. I have also done a few particle systems for breeze but I haven’t yet compoed it with the rest… hard to get what I want… what you see here is a blurred fluid layer with some erode node on it…

In this picture you can see some 2D compo splashes besides the fluid simulator layers (so … some cheating involved )

Anyway, slowly getting there… more to come…

This looks awesome. I love the matte painting.

Wow, this is really excellent piece of work. Perfect atmosphere. Five stars from me.

Could you pint us, malefico, to the Matt’s scriptlink trick you have mentioned. Thank you very much in advance.

The image is looking very good. The only problem I have with the fluid-sim waterspray FX is that it looks too small in scale, because there’s a lot of structure visible that would only be apparent on a smaller scale. Large splashes of sea foam seen like this are usually more generalized, being composed of many smaller “units” that have the kind of detail you have in your image.

jiriH: sure no problem, it’s here at his blog

zanz: thank you !

chipmasque: absolutely. There are a number of layers not yet included that address the overall look you mention. It’s taking me quite some time to get those layers looking properly and I have tried several ways (and many times got interesting effects for completely different stuff !). So, thank you for the feedback ! Much appreciated :yes:

The turbulence of the water near the fall and the wave hitting the rock outcrop suggests that the ocean would be flowing faster (it looks very placid) , or would have larger waves.

Thats Epic!..i love it…but if its possible could u make it a bigger render…dunno how but u prolly do…i want it as my desktop wall paper :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and are the clouds just e texture on a plane?

oh yea and maybe since it looks misty u could put like a light ray or something