Lighthouse Glass

(kevsterb007) #1

I"m making a lighthouse, and I can’t get the glass to reflect properly, and to look right…

(MrMuscly) #2


you should add more specific information and maybe add a picture for people to look at so they know what you’re doing wrongly. But take a look Here

Hope it helps.

(kevsterb007) #3

This is as much as i have so far as modeling… Dosn’t look too good, but I think it has potential.

(Spin) #4

MrMuscly —> “Every Material Known to Man” They didn’t list ‘Human Skin’ there.

You’ll need to actually use a real reference when modeling with Blender.
Click here for Lighthouse Glass

I’d create a meshh based on those visual references. Then apply a Glass material to it.
Look, the baseboard heating is broken…