lighthouse in the mist


Hi everyone,
Here is a project I started a long time ago, but now it is finally finished.
Please let me know what you think and which of the two renders works best.
Comments and advice is always welcome.



Dear Allard,
I would like to ask you for permission to use your work, “Lighthouse in the mist”, to create a cover for a book. It is a collection of essays in Catholic theology (concerned with the recent controversial papal encyclical “Amoris laetitia”) written in Czech, the title being (in Czech) “Dispelling the Mist”. The book is to be published by a small Czech publishing house, Kartuziánské nakladatelství ( Unfortunately, we are not able to pay any royalties (none of the authors – I am one of them --, will receive any payments either: to be honest, we will be glad if the the book is going to pay for itself – you know, such projects usually are not precisely bestsellers…). But of course we will be happy to give you all the due credit, and we can provide a complimentary copy for you. You can see the draft of the cover here: (it will be immediately removed once you confirm the receipt; it really is just a rough draft, the details may and probably will change yet).
Please let me know what you think (my e-mail is lukas[dot]novak[youknowwhat]skaut[dot]org).
I will appreciate a quick response, so that we are able to find an alternative solution, in case you declined to grant the permission. At any rate, all the authors are thrilled about your image.
Thanks in advance!

Lukas Novak


I’ve send you a mail,
Have you recieved this?


Yes - I have sent a response immmediately. Could it be in your spambox? Lukas