Lighthouse Island Feedback

Hi! first time posting here.

I made a little island with a lighthouse on it and I would appreciate any feedback that you guys have for me!
It is rendered using Cycles in 4K.

Thanks in advance!

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You’ve got a good foundation going, so now you need to add in more details. Raise the little island up a bit, throw some rocks around, maybe see about scattering a few tufts of stylized grass around to break the monotony of the ground.

Thanks! You’re absolutely right! I felt the ground was missing something too but I couldn’t put my finger on it… I’ll definitely try your tips!
Isn’t the image too dark? What do you think?

The lighting looks okay, but the dark background throws it off. Since it’s a daylight shot, I’d use a bright backdrop.

I started getting serious with Blender through low poly work, and I always considered this shot to be the de facto best example of the style.

Another thing to do is to try to avoid perfectly straight lines and 90 degree angles when working with low poly. You don’t have to go all out crazy, but if you subtly mess things up, a dented corner here, a small beveled edge there, it gives more detail for the eye to soak up, and catches the light in more interesting ways.

I’ve worked on it some more with all the tips you gave me. What do you think now?


Looking very nice!

Very cute!