Lighthouse (short film)

Recently we, ProMotion Studios, completed a short film for the American insurance firm Liberty Mutual, commissioned by the ad agency Hill | Holliday, for the LA creative studio Exopolis. Lighthouse appears as part of Liberty Mutual’s ‘Responsibility Project’, a series of short films distributed online, centred on the theme of responsibility.

>> View Lighthouse Online at Responsibility Project (flash player)
>> Making of/rigging/breakdown video (lo-res)

Modelling was done in Zbrush and 3DS Max, texturing in Photoshop, and animation, rendering and compositing (HD) was done in Blender. With a small team, tight deadline and complex set of shots to complete, Blender’s referenced character system, skinning and rigging tools, and built-in render pass compositor helped a lot to keep the project manageable.

During the project we did some custom open source development, including new ocean dynamic simulation and shading tools, and integrating code to render refractive dispersion. Patches for these are now available, and the functionality may likely appear in the next release of Blender.

ProMotion Studios:
James Neale (producer), Stefan Wernik (animation director), Matt Ebb (lighting/shading/td), Tristan Lock (lead modeller), Jeremy Davidson (lead animator), Kim Neale (matte painting), with Lee Salvemini (animator), Hamed Zaghaghi (ocean sim development), Enrico Valenza (assistant texture artist)

Charlie Short (director/writer), Ming Hsiung (director/production design), Michael McCarthy (producer)

Agency: Hill | Holliday

Full credits available in the film

High-res stills:

So the patches are available now? I popped over to the patch tracker and see the ocean texture, but I didn’t see the patch for refractive dispersion.

when i saw the main person i thought of Elephants Dream…it has the same feeling too

great job…this might make it to the gallery…well it probably will!!!

15stars!!!out of 5 =)!

Whoa, dude, that’s awesome.
A bank is sponsoring you guys?
That’s kinda wierd, how did you manage that?


Amazing! definately my favorite blend vid ever. Sorry, but the other ones were always a tad dark for me. this is funny, happy, great music, perfect. :smiley: i love it. go happy vids!!!

btw, what is the music? at the end, i mean

Excellent work! Great story line, fantastic lighting, and great delivery. Congrats!

cheers folks, glad you like it! It was a lot of work in a short timeframe, but turned out ok, I think.

Cyborg Dragon: right, I’ll get a version of dispersion up tonight, however I still need to do some more work on it.

Lilgrudgeboy: yeah it’s coincidental though - the character concept designs were already done for us when we came on board - I had nothing to do with it! :slight_smile:

Jackblack: Well, the production company, Exopolis, had the project and they got in touch with our studio via a contact and after seeing our reel.

Excellent movie!
Its right up there with BBB and Elephants Dream.

Great story to.
My favorite thing would have to be the lighting, which was done perfectly.

watching now!

-Inspiring work…

wth isn’t this in the gallery already o.O

Excellent work. The lighting is superb- which is appropriate for the title…

I could be completely wrong about the look of the main character that you’ve got there,
but could there possibly be just a tiny bit of Proog in his design?

[Edit]: nevermind, I guess it’s just a coincedence…

Really amazing short! The render and animation is really impressive.

Great stuff!

Wow, great work, I’m impressed!!!
I love almost everything in there, very well done.
The rays of the lighthouse could have been a bit more subtle but you probably intenteded this (it makes sense in this case)

Amazing quality work. 5 stars for sure!

Somebody please put this in the forum gallery!! :slight_smile:

Amazing. Just amazing. Very moving. A movie with a soul, a story that deserves to be told, probably a first for blender.

Broken, could you possibly tell (maybe even show too?) us more about the ocean simulation tool you developed a ProMotion? It sounds quite interesting.


wow, great work! congrats to everyone involved. this is truly pro stuff :slight_smile:

Wow, that was awesome, and the happy end was so nice, I got little tingles of happiness. Beatiful design, it all strikes me as a cross between dry ink paintings and CGI. This is quite an amazing acheivement, I would most definitely stick with the crew you have now, you are obviously all very talented.

thanks very much for the kind comments all!

M.h.p.e: I’m guessing you got names mixed up, but here’s the ocean patch:

btw, there’s a thread on cgtalk too :wink: