'Lighthouse'-style finger control..?

In the ‘Lighthouse’ short breakdown, the hand looks like it’s using Bassam’s finger rig, but with a slight difference – the control bone protrudes directly from the proximal phalanx, the base finger bone closest to the palm. Like this, when the control bone is scaled to curl the finger, it sticks out from the middle knuckle parallel with the proximal, rather than getting lost in a deep curl, like in a fist for instance.

I’m trying to rig without having to use X-ray when animating and this control is the only hangup I’ve got left, but I can’t figure it out. How would I implement this control setup?

Any help’s much appreciated!

Maybe they added a control bone that the scaling control bone in Bassam’s finger rig copies the scale of … and maybe even an offset copy rotation so that it remains visible …

That’s nearly it! An extra control bone for the scaling control works perfectly, but with the new control bone parented to the hand bone it still rolls into the palm with a fist. It might use ‘metacarpal’ bones, which my rig doesn’t have; I’ve got an idea using a second new bone (an MCH bone as Cessen labels them) for the new control bone, to keep it in line with one of the IK’d bones, and will do some more experimenting.

This is resurrecting an old thread, but Kajimba (EE-E-E!!) got me looking at this again.

Between the help from sausages with my other question about blink controls, and taking a closer look at the BBB finger rigs, I figure that ProMotion is doing it like Cessen, just less X-Ray: with an Action constraint.

It seems sort of monotonous to do five different Actions and ten constraints for each hand, but it’s quicker work than it seems and results in really intuitive finger controls.

sorry to revive this old thread, i found it while searching for something else.

bunny: that’s right, it’s an action constraint. You can see/hear a bit more about the setup here in this video from the Melbourne Blender meeting from Jeremy our rigger: http://vimeo.com/2006650