Lighthouse WIP (update in bottom post)

I’m making a 3d lighthouse based off of a 8 foot tall model lighthouse. Long story. Anyways, this is definitly the most planned out work I’ve done. Took lots of pictures and did lots of drawings before I even opened Blender. No textures just yet.

Comments/Crits would be super sweet!

Looks good so far. The basic shape looks great and glad to see you don’t have sharp edges everywhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job. Just keep on going.


Nice. Are you going to include the lens? ( [!] )

Thanks for the comments! I’ll most likely be adding in the lamp pretty soon. I’m glad the lack of sharp edges is noticable. I spent an eternity figguring out a good beveling method.

cool! i agree with the lack of sharp edges, makes it look really cool!
how did u bevel?

The beauty of round, symmetrical objects is the ability to recycle parts. I only had to carefully make one six sided beveled tube, and simply duplicate it and resize it for each part. The tower, ledge, housing, and roof are all based off the one original beveled tube. If the tube needed a top and bottom like the ledge seperating the tower and housing, I just extruded the end, moved it slightly up and scaled it slightly inward.

The original tube I beveled by making a plane and spin duping it into a tube, then connecting all the sides of the planes. Took some experimenting, but It only had to be done once.

Good job with the modelling. The lack of sharp edges is definitely praiseworthy. I really can’t see anything to change or tweak here. Some good textures and lighting is all this requires.

The beveling was worth the effort, but your method does sound a little too involved for lazy people like me. :wink:
In case you are not aware, there is now a beveling script, see here:

And, I beleive it will be built in feature in the next stable release. So that should save you some trouble in the future.

Tower and ledge textured (more or less). Maybe I should use a digital camera to get the textures…

a texture or two

tweak the spec and hard values please

That looks good… and plus… nice non-sharp edges…

That does look good.

I have to agree with skeletor on the SPEC and HARD settings. Concrete is not that specular. Actually, it has basically no spec value at all.