Hey guys,

I just finished a lighthouse that i started working on a few days ago, this was my 4th day with 3D modelling so be easy :-). I’d love it if you could critique it so that i can get better.

Hope you like it :smiley:

cant see the pic m8
don’t use angelfire.
nice pic btw.

uhh oops


use for hosting images
i think the work is also a little cheap - you could have done better if you spent a little more time on tweaking the textures and the halo in the center is a good but cheap way of faking a spotlight although that glass is very nice! :wink: keep it up!


wrong place?!

not my image - I’ve changed the link so people can watch it.

what exactly is bad about the textures. The handrail isn’t very good, i know that, but i thought the side panels near the glass looked pretty good. Thanks for the compliment on the glass, it’s my favorite part. The halo was the only way that i knew how to make a spotlight :frowning: , but i’ll keep trying. Thanks for the replies

Eric Holmes