jest a test ;D

Ill sum it up with just: WOW :o i the modeling could use some work but it has a great feel to it. GJ man! :slight_smile:


Very nice! Can I ask what you were testing? :wink:

well =) managing large scenes and maaany textures :wink:

That’s a damn nice test!

neat! I like it.

I am angered by your talent. It’s just too good.

Real nice for testing purposes. I like the little broken bridge.

Very very nice! The modelling, texturing and lighting is very good. Nice “atmosphere” you got there. Really fantasy like.

One little thing lol, there is some grass floating int he air behind the lighthouse. The ground doesn’t seems to go that far, but still there is a part of the house there and a transparent grass texture :wink: you should chek it out hehe

Good job!

That’s also the one thing I noticed right off. Other than that though, it looks neat.


you’re joking right? this belongs in the 3dtotal gallery imho! :o

Love it, just one crit. Subtract the light from the other building, and just leave the lighthouse light, the other is kind of distracting.

The other day i was trying some bollean operators on a high mesh count and the programed crased 4 times in a row, luckly i had saved my stuff. Every time i tried it, same result.

Very nice job, I hope to be where you are some day, even if not just “TESTING”

weird :smiley: but certainly very cool. You can fix the grass in the air (it looks great over the rock :D). And the water is mabe to straight. Really cool image :wink:


NICE!! :o

Just curious, but when people say: Test render.

How long have they been working on it?

That would have taken me 2 - 3 weeks.


i make test renders too. but they dont look as nice as yours. good one.

looks very good - grass can be much better though.

Nice textures/colours!

The semi-transparent parts of the grass look strange, but hey - it’s just a test, and it’s already very good.


thx guys youre right the gras should be fixed. it took me something about 2 weeks but only in my spare time :slight_smile:

If that’s just a test, I want to see a real work ;). How did you achieve the effect of the light coming out of the lighthouse? Great job with the whole thing. Maybe if all of the grass was like it is floating on the left, it would look natural and cool.