This is a simple model that i put together in under a day. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to make it look like water is splashing onto the rock. Comments and critics are welcomed. :slight_smile:
Blend File:


First of make your renders lighter. They are awefully dark to see.
If you are doing a nightscene make sure that the sky is lighter then the ground. Malficio in Lighthouse at the end of the world has some nice splashes made with the particle system.

I agree with Musk, its too dark. I cant see the model that how good or bad is it. Put the lighter picture so we can comment it more.

well, we had that “monitor differences dark/light stuff” again here :wink: But this time, I agree!

I can see everything, but it definitly IS dark :slight_smile:

But nice modell and mood to the overall picture!

First u should turn on Ambient Occlusion. Here’s one I made. Ur lighthouse is so much better, but all u need for ur scene is NO LIGHTS except for the light for lighthouse and TURN ON ambient occlusion, approximate, or raytraced. (Approximate is faster) and this is mine. I can include a .blend if needed.


blenderman345: AO was on i just had it at a lower level to make it look like night. I perfer to use raytrace.
musk, sepikkä, and maybeapreacher : Here are some lighter pictures if needed i can lighten it up even more. I made the plane that has the sky texture on it emit light so that it would brighten up the sky i also turned the AO up.
Thanks for the comments