Lightin and Shading artist

This job offer is for an on-line collaboration, so you can be wherever in the world, the only constrain are that you have to have a good internet connection (at least 4Mb ADSL due to the amount of data moved around) to sync the project and be reliable about deadlines! :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a Lighting/Shading Artist proficient in Blender and Cycles to help out optimizing shaders and lights into the shots to get the best result, “almost” noise free frames, while keeping render time to a very reasonable level.

The project in brief:

I’m working on an series of short “technical” clip that aim to rise the safety while driving.
The idea is to visually represent the risk that may occur .

Here some example:

  • what happen in case of accident if you don’t put on the safety belt
  • do not drive if you are too tired, you can fall asleep suddenly
  • … and so on

Clips are around 20/30" long and are usually made of 3 to 6 cut.
Here some preview we’ve already completed:

As you can see shots are quite simple to keep audience focused on the contents not the picture itself.
We have a fast paced timeline with deliveries every 2/3 days but I can assure you there’s enough time to do a good job! :slight_smile:

The offer:

If you think you’re the right person to join my team do not esitate to contact me at

f.paglia.80 -at-

and put on the subject:

Recruitment: Safety Clips - your Name and Surname

You’ll be asked to make a test shot to prove your capabilities, I will provide you all the needed files plus the shot I already made as a reference.
I expect you’ll get a result that looks equal or better than my version and that render in a comparable time frame or even shorter.

Wage will be discussed directly with the artists I’ll find more interesting, job will start in a week/ ten days.

If you need some reference about me you can find my reel here:
The pages have been written in italian, hope you could translate them on your favorite language.
Of course you can find me even on the blender network

Thanks for you attention,

Francesco Paglia
Executive Producer and Digital Artist


Private message sent.