Lightin issue.

Hey guys,i got a issue from a friend,so he wants to emit light on a cube,like,there is light,but he want that the light is like going over to some ojects,someone has any idea how to do without scripting? :DGreetings.

Try again.

Put at least a tiny bit of effort into explaining what you want. What render engine? What do you mean “like going over to some objects”? Of course light will go over to other objects; that’s what light does. Do you want the light to behave in some particular, unusual way? Describe it. Show an example picture. Something. Anything.

just solved,thanks man :slight_smile:

Wow. Ok then.

Man, are you good or what! :stuck_out_tongue:

haha,im good,am i?,i dunno?,maybe watch some stuf from me,and gimme feedback? :smiley: