lighting a scene using no blender lights

This is another simple test of indirect lighting using the render25 branch. The scene in the render above is not using any blender lights. To light the scene I used a material that had a high emit value and made use of ambient occlusion, environment lighting, and of course indirect lighting. No compositing or post processing was done.


The screen shot above shows the material settings for the selected area that is to “emit” some light. The diffuse colour determines the colour that is emitted. I set diffuse intensity to 0 and made the area shadeless and that’s it.


Lots of trial and error to figure out the values for the world settings. Enabling the cache greatly improved render times. A 540x540 render went from over 40 minutes on my little MSI Wind net-book down to 13 minutes when using 80 samples. The number of samples also greatly effects render time and quality. I used 15 samples to get quick 30 second renders when tweaking other parameters and then used 80 for the final render. Raytracing was used since approximate would only give me a grey scale image.


This screen shot shows the render settings along with showing how complicated the scene was to model :).


The wire frame to show that there are no hidden lights ;).

You can test this out yourself with the .blend I used: diffusebounceNolight.blend


diffusebounceNolight.blend (96.4 KB)

different result:eek::eek:


Turn off shadeless for the emitting material so you can actually use the emit value, it’d help you get brighter light.

Cool stuff. Stupid question (I only bounce in and out of BA occasionally) is all this nice new GI stuff in the official Alpha2 build or do you have to get a specific build off Graphicall?