Lighting a specific target

Is there a way to have lights only affect specific objects?

I want to make the eyeballs of my characters SUPER cue ball shiny. Yeah, I’ve set the Specularity to 100%, but I’m still not getting a “Millers vs. the Machines” eyeball glossiness.

Thx in advance.

Hi, @Gnaws. I’m a bit unsure about the exact physics behind it, but the Principled BSDF shader actually uses the specular input differently than older shader models. As someone that used Blender for a long time before the Principled BSDF shader, increasing the specular value of your material usually meant sharper, glossier reflections (or specular highlights using non-raytraced reflections). I’ve heard people say things along the lines of, “Unless you are going for PBR and are going to use the formula provided in the manual as input to the Principled BSDF specular value, you are better off not messing with it from it’s default value.”

I think the value you want to be working with is the Clearcoat input. The manual says that it is an “Extra white specular layer on top of others.” Crank that baby up and see if it gives you the look you are going for. Let us know if you need more help!

Thanks for your thoughts, @Hunkadoodle . Sadly, no difference in the render. =[


Thanks for the screenshot, @Gnaws! Can you share what your render looks like? The shortcoming we currently have is that though you can get those big sharp specular highlights in your characters’ eyes, you also have to deal with the big, bright light sources you’ll need to create (art direct) those highlights. I guess I should have answered your original question - no there isn’t a way to restrict a light to a specific object, or more precisely not yet. I believe a patch has been made to allow for what you are asking, but I don’t believe it will be ready before Blender 3.0 at the earliest.

Here is the Maniphest task if you want to track implementation:

And here is the thread where the patch development is discussed:

Hi @Hunkadoodle - I’m afraid I can’t share anything until this game is released. =[

btw - the light restriction thing was something I used to be able to do in C4D. I thought maybe I was missing a setting in The Mighty Blender.

Thanks again.

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No worries! What engine are you using for the game? Does it have a per-object lighting option?