Lighting and rendering in cycles question from a total newbie

Hi Guys! I just downloaded blender yesterday with no previous experience with 3D so I’m just trying out some basic stuff to learn the ropes. This programme is utterly incredible seeing what people have made on it - i can’t believe it’s free!!!

Two questions though:

  1. I’m editing some text in cycles… when I render and export it to png it doesn’t come out with supersmooth edges and it also has a thin dark outline? is there any way I can fix this?

  2. Same project: I’m wanting to increase the shadows in the text so was thinking of backlighting it with a lamp set to multiply (I think i read on here somewhere that that would do it)… but I can’t seem to figure out how to apply a multiply setting to a lamp while working in cycles. Am I just being really stupid or is there just not that option in cycles?

Thanks a lot!
Tash :slight_smile:

Cycles is the best realistic renderer that comes with blender.

1.The dark outline? that’s weird or i didnt experience yet. To have smooth edges, apply modifier - subdivisional surface…2 or 3 is enough for texts. Then render with more than 500 or 300 passes. It’s under sampling option. The more passes, the more clear image, the more time it consumes.

  1. You mean you need to clone of same lighting system? just select the light and hit shift+D as many times you want, it will keep duplicating.
    Or you can create more lights individually and apply same material as the previous ones just by selecting from the list.
    duplicating is better.

3.Best way to start is first watch tutorials about text editing in blender. You learn when you watch.