Lighting and Rendering

This is a combination of procedural and image textures. It takes ~44 min to render (Cycles). I’m using a laptop with 8GB RAM and 2.3Gz. No GPU.

Adjusting the materials and lighting is pretty tedious - even at 20 samples in preview.

I wonder if anyone can advise on the lighting. I suspect that’s what’s really slowing things down. Do I have too many lights? Or maybe that’s just the way it is!

The two lower lights in front are to offset the sun shadow and add color with visibility
The blue area light is a fill light on the front of the gourd
The sun is the main light.
The blue spotlight is for rim lighting but it needs work - or a different approach.


Hi Dan
I’m no sure if i follow you. Maybe try World > Environment Texture with HDR sky as a lightning source instead of lamps.
Nodes below (not my idea, I recommend Andrew Price blog)

It works sth like this (light is to bright but may be adjusted)

Go for hdri lighting. it will be more effective.
And give some more bump.

I like the style and the use of a fruit / gourd for a house. The elements of the house all look good, but one thing that stands out to me is that the bends in the tall grass seem too creased and rigid.