Lighting and shader test

A friend I had was doing an art class and I had asked her to let me know what they were doing. She let me know about a project where they had to work with transparency and reflectiveness at the same time in the effect of a bottle. I made these pictures.

Now, what I really want to know is, how could I have made this better? I had wanted to add a red area inside the bottle like wine in it’s bottle, but didn’t know how to without a block-ish look. Now textures, just the raw shaders and coloring of Blender.

first, the model
i would recommend finding a reference image for the bottle
since it’s just single renders of a fairly simple scene, try to model as many details as you can
the key to good-looking bottles and such is accuracy in the model
remember it’s very important that the bottle walls have the proper thickness, otherwise the raytracing won’t work how you want it to.
about the material,
the first issue is it looks like plastic
increase the hardness of the specularity
increase the IOR
increase the fresnel slightly
reduce alpha
increase raymir
you may want to completely turn off specularity, and instead create it with raymir and meshes emiting light at the locations of the lights
speaking of lights, they need work
overall, the scene is dark, and it just looks blah
it looks like you’re using spotlights
try increasing the angles of the spots,
brighten the scene, and play around with the colors, to make it more interesting
that’s all i see right now

If you are confused by some of the terminology in SpaceTug’s post, try searching for them with this search engine. (Searches only blender websites, very useful)