Lighting and textures for the Game Engine

Hello everyone,
Sorry if this topic has already been posted, but I was wondering if anyone can either help me out or point me to a relevent tutorial that might answer my question. I have finished modeling and texturing for a project, and now I would like to add some interactivity using the game engine. What needs to be done to preserve the lighting, materials, and textures that have already been applied to my model?

Well for starters if you used lighting and texture models using features the game engine supports you’ll be fine, if you need it to be like it was when rendered then there are raybaking scripts you can search for.

Another quick question: Does anyone know what a reasonable file size should be for the game engine to run smoothly? I have tried to use the game engine for more complex files and blender often crashes…

The limit to size isn’t the size of the .blend file it’s the amount of polys and rendering overhead in each scene. Blender crashes when you have really high amounts because the Game engine can’t smoothly render that much at one time.

Ok, thanks dragon