lighting and texturing of dorm room (updates, MIRROR inside)

(stephen2002) #1

Update Below (Check out the MIRROR!)

Well, a lot of you have all seen a number of little elements here and there as I constructed the models for my dorm room project. Now I have started to put everything together and apply some lighting and texturing.

I was originally planning to do this in Lightwave, but it proved a little bit too complicated (and slow) for me to learn with a deadline breathing down my back.

This means that this picture is 100% blender. I am trying my best to fake radiosity…and it is working good so far. Much tweaking needs to be done. And I have to deside if I should have some light streaming in through that window or not.

Let me know what you think of everything so far, and what really needs help. I’ve been staring at it for too long right now…

Oh, one note: Yes, our carpet really does look like that!

(Elsdon) #2

I can’t do cloth. I hate cloth. Your bedding is excellent.


(stephen2002) #3

I don’t like cloth either…but I can do it :slight_smile:

The material needs some tweaking (all of the materials need some tweaking) still.

Another note: ALL of the textures are 100% procedural. No images were used!

Oh, after 2 hours on a 1GHz computer, the experimentation with Lightwave finally finished. Personally, I prefer the look of the Blender render. Granted, the quality of the Lightwave image is probably poor because I don’t really know what I am doing. Just for compairson (I didn’t really apply any matierals, and it is a Radiosity render), here it is:

(z3r0 d) #4

(yes I am biased)

I think you should stick with the blender one, because you know blender, and I like how it looks more (it looks more real, … go figure)

Oh, and I guess what most makes it look unrealistic is the cloth, but then again, it is much better than what I can do (by hand)

Oh, and blender’s procedural textures prove quite useful.

(S68) #5


very cool… and Blender is so better :slight_smile:


(d52477001) #6

i love the blender one :o . cloth looks very good to me and i love the lightning.

btw - i pity you with a carpet like that! :wink:

(hannibar) #7

Texture the objects in the lightwave one, and it will look much better than the blender one I think.
I love the color bleeding in the lw rendre.

(stephen2002) #8

hanibar: yes, if I put in the time to learn Lightwave, it will look much better than the Blender render. However, for this project (which will eventually be an animaiton) I think I will stick with Blender. I don’t have the patience right now to wait for an hour every time I want to do a test render. Plus, even though LW and Blender have a simaler interfase, there is still a learning curve. Plus, I have delt with 30min/frame for animation, but 1+ hour! That is pushing it for me.

z3r0 d: in Blender, how else (other than by hand) would you do the cloth? I still have to tweak the texturing some, but I thought that the geometry looked good.

Here is an update:

more here

I am still working on the odditys around the lampshade area and the lighting in general in places still needs help. I am trying to simulate color bleeding, one method is to have bluish spots shining up from the floor, which softens the shadowing in some areas (espeically under the beds).

(stephen2002) #9

I was so proud of this that Ihad to post it!I made a perfect Planar reflection. Since I used a python script, it is animatable (computer working on that right now). The resolution of the environment
map isn’t quite high enough (already at 500 pixles, this is going to really hurt myrender time!), but I will increase that later. The fauset is also environment mapped. The mirror reflects the fauset (because the fauset environment map renders first), but I don’t think that the fauset reflects the mirror.

I have also made some improvements to the cloth material:

Just to show that I am not kidding with that mirror, here is another angle. Theempty for the reflection was automatically repositioned by my script.

Keep in mind that this mirror does not rest convienetly over one of the axis for a simple flip of the empty!

Are my frequentupdates becomming annoying?

Stay tuned for the animation test of the mirror :smiley:

(stukkm) #10

these pictures are pretty sweet. sorry to say though, i haven’t been following your project from the beginning, i was wondering how long you’ve been working on this?

(S68) #11

Very cool,

It’s coming on very nicely.

Strange that you have all those jaggies at the mirror edge, the rest of the room has a nice AA


(harkyman) #12

This is some really great modelling/texturing/lighting/rendering. It’s very hard to model an actual environment and you’ve obviously stuck with it, and it looks excellent. You beveled all of the edges, didn’t you? Even on the walls. My ONLY suggestion would be to darken the mirror reflection just slightly - you shouldn’t get 100% of light relflected.

Can’t wait for the animation!

(stephen2002) #13

Mazer: I have been working on this for about a month.

S68: The jaggies on the mirror edge are probably due to the texture. I have a fairly strong bump map on the material (brushed metal). I think it looks OK.

harkyman: yes, I have made a point to bevel every single edge. The only ones that I did not bevel are the intersections between some of the objects (such as the walls and the ceiling). I will try reducing the reflection a tad and seeing how it looks.